The Guitar Man and the Singing Girl

He was born in South Carolina
The son of a war weathered love
He tried to fit in with the good ol’ boys
But he was hooked on that Rock’n Roll
Left home in a hurry
Got an appetite for the road
Gigged his way up to Kentucky
Another hippy with some songs

Daddy was a guitar man lookin’ for someone to sing along

She was born in Appalachia
Middle child in a coal miner’s home
She lived by the good book
Tried to keep out of the ruts in the country roads
She could sing like an angel
And everybody knew that was why
She left the hills of Kentucky
For the big city lights

Momma was a singin’ girl looking for someone to play along

Their love caught flame in an instant
Like a well-kindled fire
He loved her quiet laugh
She loved his soul-man smile
They were married in six weeks
A country church and doubtful eyes

Oh, it was brand new song and everyone just sang along

They sang their song in the hotel bars
Worked for tips in the clubs
Saved up enough for a tour van
Just him and her and the show

But then, with a child on the way
Some things they had to let go
He cut his long hair
Sold some gear for a suit and tie
She just hummed the song to herself
Workin’ the 9 to 5

Just a bridge in an old song, everything will be just fine

Forty years, life just slipped on by
Now the kids have grown
And the well seems to’ve run dry
But he just wants to sing one more song
She says goodbye
Every page in the story
Was searched for reasons why
But in the end it was the quiet hiss
Of their dreams never realized

Cause you see, Daddy was just a guitar man
And Momma was just a singing girl
And they we just lookin’ for someone to sing along

Yes, they’re still lookin’ for someone to sing along