The Globe

I guess they never told you how the Globe burned down
But it ain’t no secret, just ask around

Some heart-sick man fed up with his fate
Torched it to the ground in a desperate state
He’d grown  tired of the tragedies
Tired of the death
Tired of watching Romeo take
One last breath

For something as crazy as love

The gave him all the books, but never taught him to read
So when she first kissed him, I heard him beg and plead
He saw the storm on the water, he felt every swell
He was on top of a mountain then in the belly of a whale

‘Cause some days it’s a fountain
Or an artesian well
Sometimes it’s a bag of bricks
Or some kind of spell

There’s nothing as wild as love

He wasn’t much for religion, but he learned to pray
For occasions when the wine led his mind astray
He built a chapel for his conscience, a shack for his regrets
Sent desire to an island still he could not forget

The sound of her touch
The color of her song
A jumble of words
Where a space belongs

For something as simple as love