Whats your favorite Ben Sollee Album?
Of all the ways to get music, what's your favorite?
So you wanna put on some tunes, you open your computer and use...
Do you pay for streaming service(s) or just deal with the ads?
How do you like to get music to your ears?
There's a lot of social media platforms out there... which do you prefer? We'd like to make sure we're connected!
Publications, Radio Stations, Blogs ect. Name a few!
About how often do you get out to see live music?
Its Saturday night and you wanna go out. How do you find out about local concerts?
If you buy merch (and we appreciate it when you do), how much do you typically spend?
If you were to purchase say a concert on video, who would you prefer to do it?
Have you ever supported a crowd-funded project?
Thanks! If you feel like sharing some personal information please do so below!
Gender Association?
What's your age?