Ben Sollee Instigator Program 

Do you want to stir up some creative encounters in your area? Do you know remarkable people doing extraordinary things in your community? Be an Instigator! 

Team Sollee is seeking adventurous, local hosts to connect Ben with grass-roots, community-oriented people and events while he's on the road. Every town, big or small has them: good people doing good things. Get creative and spontaneous to generate meaningful encounters beyond the show. Show Ben the places he can't find on Google. Introduce him to people that don't "do Facebook." You never know, it might spark a new song!

Team Sollee and Ben are in to all kinds of things. But here are some thoughts to get you started:

-Workshops with local schools or music programs

-Meeting with distinct and local business owners who are making waves in the community

-Pop up sets at local coffee shops, record store or elsewhere where creative folks congregate

-Introductions to local charities who are doing amazing things for the community

-Public art spaces where we can create interesting video and audio content

We're excited to hear from you and hear your ideas. Please connect with us below. Please know that we'd never share you're info with anyone else without your consent. Thanks!

Matt, Team Sollee


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