I Can't

This ain't the life I thought I'd live
This ain't the home I hoped we'd make
This ain't the path I thought I chose
This ain't the sky I'd hoped we'd see

This ain't the tree I thought would grow
This ain't the god to which I pray
This ain't the song I thought I'd write
These ain't the words I want to say

I can't be your man

This ain't the flag I thought we'd raise
This ain't the wind I'd hoped would blow
This ain't the sword pulled from the lake
Yours ain't the heart I want to break

I can't be your man

This ain't hte end I thought it'd be
Are you someone I've loved before
Is this the song the caged bird sings
Is there some law I choose to ignore

This is a faith I must defend
I've tried, I can't pretend
There is a hope I must contend
We'll find the thread with the strength to mend

I can't be your man,
Least not this time around

It's something unpredictable
Like where a leaf might fall
It's something unrestrainable
Like a rooster's morning call

I can't be your man