Bible Belt

Bought an old tux coat at the vintage store
Had a few holes in it from the man before
You wore a champagne dress
Bought it at Target cause it cost less

Rented an old house with spiral stairs
Watched you walk down them with flowers in your hair
Four months ago, I didn’t know your name
But I guess even as strangers we rattled the cage

There’s a few folks whisperin’
The billboards say what they won’t
We didn’t ask your permission
I won’t wear your bible belt

Our baby boy was born late that year
Our past caught up with us and caused a few tears
But I loved you like a hard rain
I just want to see you shed those chains

Everyone’s tellin’ us, “You better know His name.”
Every blind man needs his cane

Yours are not my traditions
I cannot cure your regrets
We didn’t ask your permission
And I won’t wear your bible belt