With a catalogue of 14 official releases, Ben Sollee has curated an expansive array of music available for your marketing needs. Whether it be a crowd funding video, an indie film, a network television program, or a simple Youtube video license, we have provided affordable licenses in many different formats for many different media outlets. Contact Carter Smith ( to get in touch about an affordable license to suit your needs.

-Team Sollee


The subscription provides an ongoing license to use Ben Sollee created music on Youtube/ Vimeo/ Twitch. Upon purchase and for the duration of your subscription, you have the right to use any song in his catalog on your Youtube/ Vimeo/ Twitch channels. You'll obtain an official proof of license upon signup. Once you have setup the subscription, please email to submit your videos for claim removal. Then, you will be able to monetize your videos.

You can set up the subscription HERE

Crowd Funding, Student Films, Trade Shows, Small Businesses

If you are looking for a single use license for a professional reel, crowdfunding video, student film, very small company video, etc please submit a $250 license fee to via PayPal. In the notes field provide a link to your video, a one sentence description of your project, and anything else you would like us to know! 

Worldwide Festival Rights

Worldwide Festival Rights (2 years) for all films, $500 all-in. Must coordinate with licensing team if film picks up distribution. In-Context uses only. Songs cannot be used in trailers or commercials promoting the films.

Contact Licensing Team: Carter Smith (Rollo Grady)

Professional Use

If you are a business looking to license music for video games, television, advertising, radio programs, indie and blockbuster movies, and more please use the form below and our licensing team will get back to you asap. 

Contact Licensing Team: Carter Smith (Rollo Grady)

Composing/ Scoring

Ben is available (schedule permitting) to compose original music for film, advertising, tv, etc. Contact licensing team to discuss further.

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Contact Licensing Team: Carter Smith (Rollo Grady)